Bill Pay Services

At Harmoney Bookkeeping Company, we understand the complications behind bill-paying responsibilities and paperwork. To ensure that our client don’t have to go through this confusing process alone, we have trained experts who can handle all the processes in an efficient way. We also take pride in assisting senior citizens and retirees with our paperwork assistance services and bill paying services. Check below to review the services we offer.

General Paperwork Assistance

  • Review Medical Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) statements
  • Organize medical paperwork
  • Review, submit, and track insurance paperwork for medical services
  • Sort, prioritize and organize incoming mail (hardcopy mail and email)
  • Create office filing system
  • Resolve light technical issues (reset the password, printing issues, etc.)
  • Assist with annual tax preparation
Bill Pay Services
  • Timely payment & recording of bills
  • Review of credit card statements for accuracy and legitimacy of charges
  • Verify that all expected monies have been received, recorded and deposited
  • Set-up up online bill pay upon request

Additional services

  • Final resolution of personal matters
  • Organize and maintain vital records
  • Research projects
  • Notary services