I find myself frustrated every time I try to repeat a story and it doesn’t come across as funny or suspenseful as it was in person. If I know the faces, the places, and the conversation why can’t I recreate a story that yields the desired reaction from my audience? I was there so can’t I help someone else feel like they were there through my story-telling? Inevitably, there’s something that gets lost in the translation from brain to vocal or written retelling. The funny parts aren’t as funny and trying to recreate the suspense, well, dang. That’s a hard thing to do.

What if the story you were telling was made up of numbers rather than words? Now you are talking my language! Numbers tell stories all the time. Number stories help business owners know what’s happened in the business including where the profits are greatest and where the savings opportunities lie.

How can you tell a great story about your business? Through accurate financial tracking also known as excellent bookkeeping. By having books that are accurate and up-to-date the greatest business stories are told.

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